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My name is James Liu (SC: 刘嘉南 TC: 劉嘉南 PY: liú jiā nán ZY: ㄌㄧㄡˊ ㄐㄧㄚ ㄋㄢˊ CP: lau4 gaa1 naam4).

I am from China.

I am a full stack software engineer, a musician, a real estate investor, a philosopher, and also a student at University of Washington.

I am the one between those two "bullies" in the photo above. The one on the right is my buddy Tony Xue.


This photo was taken 3 years after the previous one, right after the high school graduation ceremony. I cherish those years so much.

I was born in 1996.

I graduated from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (aka. RDFZ) in 2015.

I have a cute puppy. Her name is Furry.




I have been studying Computer Science for years, attending competitions during my study.

I have the experience of programming.

//  a bool value indicating if I am proficient in <name>.
//  a numeric value indicating my first year doing <name>.
var language = {
    c:           [true, 2002],
    cpp:         [true, 2006],
    pascal:      [true, 2008],
    objective_c: [true, 2011],
    java:        [true, 2011],
    javascript:  [true, 2012],
    python:      [true, 2012],
    php:         [true, 2012],
    ruby:        [true, 2013],
    go:          [true, 2014],
    swift:       [true, 2014],
    haskell:     [true, 2015],
    assembly:    [false, 2012],
    ocaml:       [false, 2014]

Algorithms are always important for me.

I have been using C/C++ since I was 10.

I developed some interesting Apps on iOS and Android. Unfortunately I am not doing it now.

I did a project Crypto-JS for Nodejs (first called "Krypton").

I am also doing researches about Femtosecond Imaging with my tutor Di Wu from Tsinghua University.

I love snakes and pythons! Here's my Python project renren, a Renren.com login and posting module with complete tests.

I worked on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 during 2009-2014.

I use GNU Linux and FreeBSD for work.

My recent HTML5 game Flappy Mario is on GitHub (Try).

The EAN13 Code Generator (Demo) and the PDF417 Code Generator (Demo) are my projects on barcode algorithm as well as generation.

I wrote the BOFH style excuses in Node.js (GitHub).

CHOOSA can help you with your decisions when you are facing difficulties in choosing from various of options. (GitHub)

Vector.js is a light-weighted library to enable the vector functions in JavaScript (GitHub), along with Vector.h, for C++ (GitHub).

I was a member of Paomianba team.

I am doing some teaching in RDFZ. Check out some of the materials I wrote for students (GitHub).

I like to Zuosi (GitHub).

BF.JS is a simple Brainfuck parser written in JavaScript (GitHub).

Damoo - a light-weight HTML5 Danmaku engine (GitHub).

I contributed code to nginx.

I assisted Urban Dictionary for its further development.

I helped Traintracks.io.

Guardian can definitely make the Guardian always asshole high.

I was co-founder of Mengma, an online computing learning platform. I was the leader of the dev team.


I was developing BEE.LIVE in 2017-2018.

I am studying philosophy, music composition and sociology.

I am proficient in French, English and Chinese, learning Greek, Latin and Japanese.

Please support free softwares and open source projects.


Contact me if you would like to get more information.

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